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Multifunction Mini Jump Starter
Battery Capacity:18000mAh
Start Current:400A
Peak Current:800A
Product description

Portable charging(Quick charge)
Charging Cell Phone or Tablet Instruction:
1. Plug the switch cable to Quick Charge output port.
2. Select appropriate connector and connect it to your mobile phones or tablet.
3. Touch the switch button, it can recognise eletronic products's suitable parameters, start to charge for mobile phone/tabletc etc.

For power supply to 12V vehicle products or 12V electronics
1. Plug the optional switch cable to 12V 10A output port.
2. Connect the optional switch cable and 12V vehicle product or 12V electronics.
3. Press the switch button to power supply.

Power supply to 19V notebook

Only for charging/power supply to 19V Notebook
1. Plug the switch cable A to USB 19V 3.5A output port.
2. Select appropriate connector for your Notebook and connect it to the switch cable A and your Notebook.
3. Press the switch button to charge/power supply.

Jump for 12V gasoline car and diesel car

Jump start 12V vehicle steps

LED flash light
Press the switch 3 seconds to start the LED flash light.
There are 4 modes of LED light appear in order (normal strobe. SOS. off) if you press slightly.

Product Standard accessories
2、Mobile connectors(quick charge)
3、Notebook connector
4、Home charger
5、Intelligent jumper cable

Epower Charging Instruction:
1. Plug the home adaptor into the universal socket.

2. Connect the Micro connector to the EPOWER host.

Battery Capacity18000mAh (66.6Wh)
Size225 x 89 x 30 mm
InputQuick Charge (5V/2.4A; 9V/2A; 12V/1.5A)

Dual Quick Charge(5V/2.4A; 9V/2A; 12V/1.5A),
 12V/10A;19V/3.5A; 12V jump start

Full charging timeAbout 4 hours
Start Current400A
Peak Current800A
Operating Temp-20 ~ 60 °C
Lifetime>1000 cycles
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