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Heavy Duty Hammer Tacker
Fastener:Arrow T50
Range:6-14 mm
Product description


  • A recessed hand grip and knuckle guard protects against finger scrapes on rough surfaces while the rear slip guard prevents the hammer tacker from slipping out of your hand.

  • Rugged steel construction with chrome finish.

  • Comfort rubber grip.

  • Bottom loading staple and easy jam release.

  • Retractable striking edge.

  • One hand operation.


Roofing  and Insulation, Upholstery, Carpet Installation, Poly Sheeting

Weight0.58 kg / 1.28 lbs
Dimension53 x 35 x 30.5 mm
Magazine Capacity80 pcs
Fastener Type

Arrow® T50
Stanley® TRA 700
Generic 16 Ga. 3/8"  crown staples

Fastener Range6-14 mm / 1/4" - 9/16"
Includes1,250 10mm (3/8")  Staples